Kiss more for a longer relationship

This is basically a very logical thing. But, this topic goes way deeper into the actual chemistry of the bodies instead of the sole psychological relationship between two people.

According to a university study, there is a massive exchange of information through the saliva, but also, through the very act of kissing – emotions and almost everything that is going on in our heads, words are barely 5% to express all that. Other goes to the so called “body language”. And kissing is one of the most perfect form of expressing body language between two close partners. So, if you want to know what’s on your partner’s mind – kiss more often!

According to a study conducted by the Oxford university, women are the pickier sex and the way their partner kisses is about 50% of the decision who they’re going to end up with!

Also, did you know that kissing is giving a medical examination of your partner? It’s true! With kissing and exchanging fluids, you become aware of the overall health and condition of your partner, their breath tell a lot things as well! But, there is this fluid, called “sebum”, which is a gland fluid that  contains pheromones who reveal information about a person’s biological welfare.

This “sebum” substance is so powerful, is actually the secret body’s language that measures reliability of a person for the most important thing a relationship could bring – starting a family. This is a subconscious process that we aren’t even aware that is happening!

The human body is such a complex organism and everyday we’re learning new secrets behind the functioning of ourselves.

But, one thing is for sure. You should kiss more, because it is healthier for you and for your whole relationship! Kiss with all your heart and kiss with a message, whether you want a dinner, a conversation, or a date in your bedroom.




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