Is your honey pure – here’s how to tell

Honey is the real natural health elixir – it is 100% organic, made by bees and is the healthiest sweet that exists! plus, it boosts the immunity and improves the blood picture, and has dozens of other benefits for the human organism.

But, in a consumer society like the one we live in right now, it is the money that make the world spin around, in a matter of speaking. Quality is something that comes second, right after profit…

That’s why I ask the question – is the honey you buy in a supermarket really 100% honey? Or it has added water and sugars and other stuff we really don’t know about?

Here’s a simple test to do at home to check the actual purity of your supermarket bought jar of honey. Actually – this you can do in the supermarket isle! Just turn the jar upside down and see what happens.

  • if the honey is slowly detaching from the bottom of the jar – we’re talking about real pure honey
  • if the honey is detaching from the bottom of the jar all at once – you’re holding honey with added water and sugars and it’s not recommended o buy this product. Why pay the money for something that is not real, and is actually bad for your body?

The honey has natural sugars and a lot of iron, in a form which is easiest to absorb for humans – which makes it the absolute number 1 for people who suffer from anemia.

Another way to test the purity of your honey is putting the jar in a cold place – the jar that thickens and caramelizes is pure honey. This is due to the propolis that honey contains- a sticky substance that finds a huge purpose in medicine as well.

Did you already know this? Have you heard of some other ways to test the purity of honey?



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