If you’ve survived this – your relationship is a long-lasting one

Each relationship is unique, because every person has unique set of character traits. However, there are some unwritten rules of relationship attachment patterns, bon-ton and behaviors applicable to almost any relationship.

Lies, cheats, long-distances, switching jobs and moving, deaths of close ones are great milestones of each persons life, that reflect on every aspect of their lives. And most often the person who suffers the most of this great milestones is the partner – the closest person.

Here are few things that are very hard to pass and if you and your partner can say “been there – done that”, you’re extremely lucky and have a very stable relationship that is probably going to last a lifetime.

  1. Closing up – putting up walls against you is a painful thing, for you and your partner, but they have their reasons for sure. Mostly it’s the male population who acts like this, but there are women exceptions too, depending on the situation. Men usually care more than you would imagine when they start acting like this, because they realize the emotional maturity of the phase they’re involved in and start thinking. for real!
  2. Having sympathies for other – this is probably the most difficult thing to overcome, after an affair, of course. The important thing here is not to lose the head, whether you’re the one having feelings for other, or your partner. Temptations will be everywhere, forever, but you have to learn to appreciate the things that come in the relationship more than all the things you think you’re missing because of that very same relationship               
  3. Exploding with feelings – whether they’re bad, or good, you may never let yourself to explode with feelings and make a drama especially in public. If that occurs, especially in your neighborhood or around people you both know, it is hard to be the couple you once were in everyone’s eyes, and that is very hard to put up with
  4.  Having an affair – it is scientifically proven that only 27% of the cheating spouses survive the marriage. If you’re among this extremely low percentage – you’re most definitely a strong and loving couple!

Have you been through this? Could you tell us your story in the comments below? We and our readers would appreciate it so much!





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