If you’re keeping this in your refrigerator – STOP

A refrigerator is invented so that foods, processed and unprocessed ones last longer, without getting spoiled. The agricultural business is also based on the use of huge refrigerators, that place fruits and vegetables that are seasonal, so that they could be available in other countries and other times than their season.

However, there are some of them that really shouldn’t be placed in a refrigerator, mostly because of the taste and also, because of their soft structure. Hot as well as cold, frosty environment has the ability to take away the minerals and vitamins from a certain product.

Here are the ones that really shouldn’t be kept in a refrigerator.

  • Garlic – should never be stored in a refrigerator, mostly because of the smell it would spread to the environment, but as well, because the mesh bag and the soft humidity inside prolong the taste and freshness of garlic.
  • Tomatoes – a tomato that has been kept in a refrigerator loses its taste and smell, and it becomes falsely hard on the surface. Also, the refrigerator takes away the natural red color of the tomato.

  • Potatoes – low temperature destroys the structure of the potato and makes it softer. Potatoes should always be kept in dark and dry places, because they have a lot of water inside them.
  • Onions – onions, as well as garlic, should be kept in a mesh beg, and on room temperature. However, NEVER put the onions near to the potatoes, because they respond with emitting gases and cause rotting, as well as sprouting. And with the process of sprouting, all the flavor and useful ingredients that we should consume with eating – are already used for the birth of a new plant within each sprout.








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