If your partner kisses you like this, marriage is right around the corner

Kissing is a whole science! Kissing is an act of pure love, but isn’t common just for partners in a relationship, but for motherhood, fatherhood, sisterhood and other family relations, best friends, showing compassion and empathy and so much more!

Like, for example, a kiss on the forehead means respect, appreciation and empathy for the person you’re kissing, while on the other hand, a kiss in the mouth means passion, strong passionate love. A kiss in the cheek means gratitude and is most often among blood related family members.

In today’s article we reveal few different types of kisses and what they actually mean:

  • kiss on the lips – is a typical kiss for couples. A simple kiss on the lips is perfect for casual pass-by each other on a daily bases, as well as when you want to keep your partner longing for more…
  • forehead kiss – means empathy, compassion and appreciation, whether the one you’re kissing is your beloved partner or some other lode friend or relative                                                                                                                                       
  • a kiss on the neck – is a very passionate kiss, saying “I want you in the bedroom”. ASAP. This is because the neck is considered to be one of the most erogenous zones on the human body                                                                         
  • a french kiss – is the typical kiss for a couple, a first kiss to show they want to be more than just friends. Is is a specific kiss that includes cuddling with the tongues and exchange of saliva. It is the most common love language that speak all the people in the world, aside the fact it is called “french”
  • cheek kiss – is many cultures in the world, a kiss on the cheek is a simple way of greeting a new friend in the gang, or it is a sign of appreciation of most of the family members. people kiss on the cheek mostly when they are happy and amazed by something                                                                                                                                                   
  • the Eskimo kiss – is a kiss that doesn’t use the lips at all, but it is an act of rubbing the noses. This is due to the extremely cold weather in the North Pole.
  • a kiss on the hand – sounds like a real cliche, but is an act of true gentlemen, that derives from the aristocratic circles of the high society class. It is still considered as an act of polite interpretation of love towards a woman. In some cultures, elders and heads of the family are kissed on the hand as a sign of great respect.                                                  blankHave you got some other common kisses in mind, that we forgot to mention?





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