If your child does this – they’re suffering from anxiety

Anxiety is a very common state of mind that bothers adults, especially in this fast tempo of life we are living in. The style and cycles of life are changing on every field and everywhere we turn our eyes – high buildings, less parks, posters, billboards and ads, metros, buses and trains circulating non-stop, on a way to somewhere… the world just never seems to sleep, and now…we know that.

Our children are born in this rapid tempo of life as well, they drink the milk of their mothers who also live with a fast tempo of life – working from home, supporting their family and cleaning the house… children begin to imitate what they first see around them. And the Internet is also a big deal for them. The huge flow of information they put in their heads from a very small age seriously reflect their future development, and science has proven that anxiety is beginning to develop among children as well.

Here are the most common signs of children’s anxiety:

  • They will come to you saying their stomach or head hurts – they see this as a break from their routine and want to cuddle and feel loved
  • Loss of appetite could also indicate anxiety, since adrenaline and anxiety slows down digestion
  • Hard on themselves – making a drawing and just criticizing it, instead of thinking “oh what a pretty drawing” might not be a sign of growing up, but a sign of anxiety. Did you know that all perfectionists are suffering from anxiety?
  • They bother falling asleep, though you can see they’re struggling to stay awake. Red eyes, cranky for no reason – it might be anxiety.
  • “What if” – it is normal that children are curious, but constantly bothering with “What if” questions regarding the future, might be a sign of anxiety, since they’re fearing to manage life as they see everyday obligations and life developing around them
  • Refuse to be left alone, go to school or kindergarten

Remember your fear from growing up? Well, now it is 10 times more exposed how it is when you grow up, and it seems like it is expected from each kid to be a genius in their field. Pretty pressured don’t you think?

Don’t be too demanding from your child!







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