If you eat too much of these veggies, you could harm your health

Moderation, according to many religions and also according to the Bible is the key for a happy and a healthy life.

If you overload your body with a lot of food – you become obese.  If you starve – your vital functions and overall health will be damaged, besides just losing weight. So, too much dieting can also be of harm for your overall health.

In this article I will tell you about the dangers of eating too much of the following vegetables.

  1. Seaweed – this algae is famous for being a replacement for meat, if you are a vegetarian/vegan, or just avoiding meat to lose some weight. This vitamin B12 rich algae can seriously damage and disbalance the work of your thyroid, because besides being rich with fibers, is also very rich in iodine. You could end up even gaining weight instead of losing it, because this is the first sign of a disbalanced work of the thyroid.                                                               
  2. Carrots – beta carotene is the main ingredient in carrots. Our body turns the beta carotene into one of the most important vitamins for our health – vitamin A. This is basically the most important vitamin we need, because it is the first vitamin that is given to newborn babies, besides breast milk. If you eat too much carrots, your body will simply not be able to process the beta carotene, and instead of too much vitamin A in your body, your skin will turn orange! This is because the body converts beta carotene in vitamin A as much as it needs, nothing more and nothing less.                                                                                                                                                                               
  3. Beetroot – this super-food is mostly used for improving the red blood cells in the blood, ans also, preventing high blood pressure. These nitrates found in the beetroot are processed into nitrosamines by our organism and as we mentioned previously, the body will process what it needs just as much it needs it – not less and not more. the thing here is, beetroot is often consumed as a salad, along with meet, and meat, especially red meat is also very rich with this nitrosamines, so you could overdose with them and increase your body pressure instead of helping to prevent it.                                                                                                                                                                                         

Food can always be a cure, and a poison at the same time. Even when eating a salad, or drinking water, you should know your measure. Agree?







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