If you do this, you’re highly intelligent

Intelligence isn’t something you learnt at school, or something your mother teaches you. It is something that you’re lucky to be born with.

Here are some traits of the highly intelligent class and if you can find yourself in many of them, it is certain that you’re a highly intelligent human being.

  1. They understand how much they really don’t know – or, as Socrates said – “Scio me nihil scire”. Pretending to be smarter than you actually are is actually a trait of stupid people, who use that to cover their shallowness
  2. Great sense of humor – even make jokes on their tab. Because they are intelligent enough to make a line between a joke and reality, and are smart enough to know their flaws and strong enough to joke about them       
  3. Talking to yourself – of course that talking to yourself all the time is not normal, but regarding to yourself in your head, or even out loud sometimes is considered a virtue of the most intelligent, because their subconsciousness is dividing inside, telling them, nurturing them about the consequences and benefits of certain actions
  4. Minding your own business – have you ever heard the saying “small minds talk about other people, while great minds talk about ideas?” If you mind your own business, ideas regarding your world and your issues and problems would be born
  5. Questions never seem to stop popping out in you head – irregardless of how silly or irrelevant they might seem, you always wonder about something. Why is the color red called like that, were Adam and Eve really human and who thought of their names?

6. They’re eating chocolate! – I mean, who doesn’t love chocolate? But a study has found that those people who are acting almost as they’re addicted to chocolate, have an extraordinary intelligence, because their brain functions with more immense speed than others, and they need to take a pure form of energy-  FAST. Chocolate also helps with cognition and reasoning







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