If this is happening to you, you could be drinking too much water!

Do you feel confused and maybe disorientated lately?

Is your focus and attention something that completely “runs away” from you? Having a headache at the same time?

You could be drinking too much water!

YES! You read correct!

There is such a condition and is called overhydration. It is a condition due to imbalanced fluids in the organism, that could occur in different situations:

  • increased fluid intake – such as when you reach mountain peaks in hot weather or run immense lengths in the heat. You feel great thirst, but you kidneys can’t turn all that fluid into urine, and you can’t sweat it all out, so there is extra fluids in the blood.
  • fluid retaining – this happens when your body can’t get rid of all the normally taken fluids in the proper way, which is mostly because of some medical condition, such as liver diseases or syndrome of inappropriate antidiuretic hormone

Too much water creates am electrolyte imbalance, which is basically visible in the process where the kidneys can’t turn all the fluids into urine and you end up with increased fluids in your blood and some extra pounds on the scale, even when you don’t eat much!

Another extreme consequence of overydration is the possibility of accumulating water around the soft brain tissue and causing immense severe headaches and increasing the possibilities of a stroke, because of the pressure of water on the brain.

If you’re a hiker, a long length cyclist or a marathon runner, you’re in the top category of suffering from overhydration.





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