If he does this – he’s lying to you

You’ve probably watched some criminal series on TV lately. Criminal minds, Lie to me, CSI, Mentalist, Sherlock Holmes, Castle and many more. Besides the awesome scenarios and the constant feel of wandering they make you, you’re also learning a lot of new things. How evidence are taken, how time of death is concluded, and how, with simple questions and observations, you can tell if someone is lying.

In today’s article, we’re presenting the most obvious signs a body does when you’re telling a lie.

  1. Pauses – if the pauses between words in a very simple sentence are very often, it means that person is lying to you. Especially if he’s telling you about what happened to him the very same day, or the very same time he’s walking home, and doesn’t really know to say it loud and clear where has he been up until now.
  2. Durability of emotions – if your partner or friend starts laughing, being happy or being upset, their starting, most natural emotion should only last for about 10 seconds. Anything less or more is fake.                                                     
  3.  Emotion comes first – always look at your partner’s face during a discussion – you might be good enough to actually predict what’s going on. Facial expressions and eyes speak louder than words. So, if a person tells you something and makes an impression after that, they’re faking. Emotion always comes before the expression with words. Remember this!
  4. Repetition – too much repetition might be a sign of lying, since they’re simply repeating the fact to not forget what they’re lying about!                                                                                                                                                                               
  5. Covering the face or the mouth – people who lie tend to do this because this is a very common psychological response of the own body of a liar – the body doesn’t believe itself.


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