I wish I knew this before using pore strips

The beauty industry often offers a tone of solutions for the same problem, however, some of them work, and some of them – not always. Though the beauty industry has its own pros and cons, me myself, I am always the person that would like to know an alternative way before buying a beauty product in the store.

Have you ever used pore strips? apparently they are a product that takes away the dirt from the surface of our skin, and thus, makes our sin softer and glowing.

Well, here are a few facts about what harm it could do, and some advice of how to use the product more properly.

  1. They can irritate your face – not every person and not every skin type is the same. Also, the adhesive on some pore strips is really strong and it may pull out some crucial hairs and even surface skin tissue. Anyway, if you’re allergic to some things and have a sensitive skin, it’s better to try it out on your arm or leg, before trying it on your face.
  2. The strips won’t prevent the showing up of blackheads – to be more honest, NOTHING can stop this process, in the same way nothing can stop acne and occasional zits on your face – it’s a perfectly natural process, that shows off our exposure on the world outside.                                                                                                             
  3. It’s better to steam your face before using a pore strip – this is because steam softens and relaxes the skin on the face, opening up the pores and allowing for the dirt to either get out on its own, or be more reachable for the pore strips.                                                                                                                                                                 
  4. Use an ice cube after your treatment with a pore stripe – because the pore strips cleanse out the skin and open up the pores – when you get them off, dirt can instantly and more easily get in again. Ice fastens up the process of closure of the pores.









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