How your husband’s job is crucial for a stable marriage?

According to a Harvard’s study, the global divorce rate last year has increased astonishing 250 %! In 2018, the divorce rate in the U.S. stood at 2.9 per 1,000 of the population. Most people thing that sexual intrigues and infidelity is the biggest cause of divorce, however, a Harvard professor went deeper and proved that wrong.

The study is based on valid data, took from more than 7000 couples, which relationships date even back from 1970’s until the new millennium. Based on the information from the answers questioned by then, he came to the following conclusion: men who don’t have a job or work part time, or don’t have a specific career but switch jobs occasionally are the biggest reason of divorced couples!

On the other hand, if a woman in the house doesn’t work, the marriage doesn’t suffer any consequences. The data collected didn’t show any influence of a woman’s financial status on divorce.

Based on the information collected from this study, we could conclude that even in today’s society of equal rights between men and women, the men’s financial status is still a very important trait. This dates back from ancient times, where men provided shelter and food, and the women took care of the house, prepared the food and raised up the children. If you think about it, not many has changed, at least when we are discussing society based criteria. There are many exceptions, too!

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