How women fail in the bedroom – according to men

Let’s be honest – most of the women, though they are emancipated and supporting the women movements in the 21st century, still let most of the men lead the things in the bedroom. Before and after the marriage.

However, a shy and quiet woman may be attractive for approach – but according to men, definitely is not attractive on long stages!

The University of Massachusetts has conducted a study among men from 21 to 61 years of age, asking them what are the biggest failures women make in the bedroom. And here is the list:

  1. Not making a sound – men like when their women make love noises – that makes them feel powerful and loved. Otherwise – they feel like unable to satisfy the basic need of their woman.
  2. Not being initiative – as we already mentioned, women that are too shy are attractive for approach, but rarely for a deep and long term relationship. Men need to feel wanted too!                                                                                                 
  3. Not being sexy – this especially goes to married women, who usually forget to feel and dress sexy. Though you’ve gained some pounds, the cellulite is picking out from the thighs and stomach – dress sexy, put on some make up and start a fire in your man’s heart (and pants as well).
  4. Criticizing – on many fields in a relationship, criticizing never works, especially if the woman is the one who is giving the critics. Criticizing the man on something he’s not doing right in the bedroom, according to another study, is the biggest reason for divorce and falling out of love. This subject can be resolved in another, more subtle manner than being strict and direct.
  5. Taking the phone/tablet in the bedroom – women tend to be more addicted to social networking and online shopping, thus, they spend more time online. The constant beeping that’s drawing the attention away from the important thing and the process of creating passion and sparkles in the bedroom is definitely a big turn out for men!

Have you thought about this issue before? Have you already quarreled with your partner on some of the previous topics? Share in the comment section below.




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