How to stop the most unexpected sudden pain without medication?

It’s a holiday and your tooth starts to hurt.

It’s Sunday and there is no doctor to prescribe any antibiotic for that sudden ear ache.

What are you going to do?

In these desperate times you gotta turn to the old fashioned way your ancestor used for curing themselves, before the pharma companies.

  1. Sudden migraines – can be cured with WATER! Most often cause of headaches is the irregular fluid and electrolyte exchange inside the body, which normally allows regulatory and balanced work of all the systems. A 250ml glass of water each hour and a half should do the trick.


2.  Sudden inflammation – TURMERIC should do the trick here! Just add some turmeric as spice in your regular daily dish, because it has immense anti-inflammatory properties.


3. Sudden toothache – PEPPERMINT or PEPPERMINT OIL! Just put a drop – because the oil is really strong on the aching place, or if you don’t have any oil, boil a teabag and put the warm teabag on the aching spot. This is due to the numbing properties of peppermint – but once you are able to, go see a doctor immediately!

4. Sudden menstrual pain – eat a BANANA! The high levels of Vitamin B6 and potassium reduce muscle cramps, and this is what actually happens during menstrual cramps, because the ovaries and the uterus are made of muscles and ligaments and they’re extremely pressured during the menstrual cycle, when blood is pumping.




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