How to stick to you work-out and learn to LOVE IT

Let’s be honest – not everyone is born under the “sport star”

There are some of us couch-locked pillows who really exercise just because they want to look good in certain clothes or live a healthier life. Or, to be more exact, once they’ve realized they’ve overeaten and burdened their body with some (really visible) extra pounds.

This article is for you!

Here are some simple rules if you want to stick to a work out plan.

  1. Don’t aim high – going to the gym and seeing all these people doing the exercises without losing breathe, while you can’t even make 10 without quitting? Don’t worry, they’ve been where you are right now. The only one you should look up to is yourself, so don’t push yourself and start off easy and gentle                                                                         
  2. Write down each day – a study has showed that people who keep a journal and write about each step towards whatever kind of goal they have, actually achieve it easier and don’t push themselves mentally as much as the people who forget each step towards the goal, and only think about the goal itself.
  3. Choose exercises that you enjoy – if you don’t want to to “the plank” – don’t do it! Find an equivalent of that exercise that suits you. Luckily, you have the internet to find anything!                                                                                       
  4. Survive week number 3 – a study showed that people tend to quite in the third week if their intentions are not as strong for achieving a certain goal. To do this, skip a training, train shorter or reward yourself with certain food, sweets or even new sports outfit you would look fabulous in, so you’d like to see yourself in the mirror all the time and thus, don’t miss going to the gym! 😉
  5. Try to make it a routine – believe me, if you push yourself to do something long enough, you’ll learn to love it an it’ll become a habit. Just find what suits you – morning run for 15 minutes, few abs before morning shower, dancing to your favorite songs in Zumba steps…whatever! Just do it DAILY

Do you have some tips you do to don’t miss a training day? Share it in the comments below



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