Have you ever heard of lubricating the digestive tract?!

You’ve probably heard about the word “lubricating”. It means using oils to relieve a certain muscle and add moisture, such as in relaxing massages and injuries, or improving your dry skin.

But would you have ever thought that besides other, you could also lubricate your gastrointestinal tract?

Lubrication of the internal organs mostly goes through what we eat, and gets inside through our throat. It is the process of oleating the internal organs with healthy oils, to provoke the elimination of fat-soluble toxins, which most usually facilitate, having in mind the processed, fried and fast food we eat in today’s world. No one is safe from these trans fat that facilitate around our blood vessels as well.

This internal lubrication is also very good for eliminating cholesterol, because it stimulates the releases of the piled up salts inside the organism throughout the gastrointestinal tract. Indigestion of healthy fiber and natural, plant-based oils can help eliminate most of the toxins inside the organism and also improve the work of the internal muscles of the digestive tract. So, one way to improve the health of your internal organs and lubricate them is with including more healthy fiber in your daily meals.

Here’s a recipe that my grandmother used when she was really old and fighting constipation. This improved her constipation and she was able to eat normally, despite her old age. And it is one of the most simple recipes that you learn in a minute and never forget!

The ingredients are

  • 1/4 cup of sesame seeds
  • 1/4 cup of golden raisins

How to do it? Mix these two ingredients and just take a small spoon of the mixture half an hour before your meal. There is also the option where you can take the natural medicine after the meal, preferably 2 hours.

Just try both options and see which one suits you the best!







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