Feeling down? Stick your palms into the ground!

When I was a little kid, my favorite thing was to dig in the ground. My game was looking for treasure chests. I bet many of you enjoyed playing in the garden as well, thinking out their own games.

But after reading this, I realized what was the actual thing going on there. And it wasn’t just our childish little growing up games.

Apparently, scientists confirm that there is a microorganism which lives in the ground soil that naturally provokes the creation of serotonin and dopamine inside the human’s brain. This microorganism is called¬† Mycobacterium vaccae.

This “good bacteria” enters our organism through our respiratory system – which can easily happen while we are planting or trimming plants in the garden, or doing some other work and clap our hands to get rid of the soil stuck on it. You probably heard this before, but let me repeat it once more.

Dopamine is a chemical substance released in our brain which is responsible for the sensation of pleasures, while the serotonin is responsible for being in a good mood, being socially adaptable and having a positive libido. Low levels of these chemicals in the human organism promote stress and anxiety, depression and other anti-social behaviors.

“The idea is that as humans have moved away from farms and an agricultural or hunter-gatherer existence into cities, we have lost contact with organisms that served to regulate our immune system and suppress inappropriate inflammation,” a University study found.

So make gardening one of your hobbies if you live in an apartment building.

Appears this is the true anti-stress, and long-life promoting vaccine you could give to yourself!









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