Fat burning without fast running

Food is such a big part of our life. An average human spends approximately 70 minutes eating and drinking in a regular day. Not to mention about cooking the food, buying the food, preparing the food before you cook it and so on.

If you think about it, our mind thinks about food every second hour! So it is a great subject to discuss!

Beauty on the other hand, is not just a physical thing. But apparently, the standards for beauty these days went from inside to outside, and though it is relative in many cultures, in most of the world’s countries, a good, slim and athletic person is considered to be pretty or beautiful.

So, it is a good thing to start caring about what type of food you eat.

Me myself just had a baby recently, so this article is about reminding myself and all those people who have forgotten to take care of their slim line -to get back on track!

Introducing the foods that actually burn away fat!

  • Beet – speeds up the whole metabolism and takes care of the blood while you’re on a diet, because many diets can go wrong because you might weaken your blood as well. that’s why beet is here!
  • beans and legumes – are a great fiber source that help in the muscle building and help with removing the fat from the organism as well
  • whole nuts and grains – are absolutely necessary for every human, because all the amino acids that help in building and regenerating organ tissue, as well as muscles, come from seeds mostly.
  • grapefruit – is recommended for starting the day, because of the healthy vitamin C boost it will give your organism, as well as because grapefruits also contains enzymes that help in reducing the level of insulin and glucose in your blood
  • seafood – if you ask me, totally replacing the red meat with seafood and fish is the healthiest and wisest choice you could do, not just for burning fats, but also, for boosting your body with the rare omega vitamins.
  • green tea – when this secret leaked out of the Ayurveda doctors, it practically flooded the world! Green tea eliminates the extra fluids in the body and removes the salt from the organism. A cup a day detoxifies the organism completely
  • peppers and spicy food – acts as a fastener of the metabolism, so don’t be surprised the next time “you really gotta go” after eating a spicy meal







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