Fast food – healthy?!

If you thought that a healthy meal should be either cooked all day in the kitchen, or contained just from a salad, you would be surprised with what you’re about to read.

Eating fast food can be healthy, even more if you’re being smart to choose wisely!

If you can’t resist eating a burger, or a pizza, or a taco, here are the suggestions to eat it in the “healthy way”!

  • take a small portion – eat a kid’s size portion or a happy meal! you get a toy 😉

  • don’t overdo it with the sauces and dressings – they add at least 200 calories to your meal

  • eat a small portion of french fries – you know how much calories there are in 100 grams of french fries? 520! So cut a bit of the portion, and enjoy your small one thinking about taste and not quantity
  • order a “special order” – like for example, instead of a regular bun, ask for a whole-grain one, or ask for more salad instead of ham in a sandwich…

  • eat grilled and roasted instead of fried meat – you cut back on calories at least double! Plus, grill is always a better and tastier option, right?
  • avoid crispy meat and crispy add-ons


  • definitely say no to chips


So, those are the “healthy advice” to make your fast food healthier and don’t crave the awesome taste of a burger or taco!



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