Every single fruit has pesticides – here’s an easy way to totally remove them!

Fruits and vegetables as well, along with many roots and leafy spices, are usually attacked by their natural predators – insects. That’s why pesticides were invented. However, as insects evolve, they become better and stronger, and thus, able to be immune to the pesticides. That’s why the scientists have to invent better and stronger, more poisonous chemicals all the time. That’s natural selection.

However, unfortunately, these chemicals in the pesticides are often poisonous for humans as well. And depending on the health state of a person, a strong pesticide can be a deadly combination to many!

Here’s how to protect yourself and your fragile members of the family, such as the elderly, with this easy procedure that takes away the effect of the chemicals. AT YOUR OWN HOME!

pour all the freshly bought fruits and vegetables in your previously washed and closed sink. Then, let the cold water flow on medium and add a 200 ml glass of vinegar inside. Preferably apple vinegar. Let them stay for about 15 to 20 minutes most, and then rinse them with fresh cold water.

A simple procedure that guarantees your health.

Remember this saying: “A healthy person wants a lot of things. A sick person only wants one thing – health.”

Stay in good health!



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