The easiest way to get rid of smelly feet

Smelly feet isn’t a thing that you should be ashamed about. Yeah, it’s unpleasant and awkward, but, do you know why is it actually happening? Due to bacteria and fungus that became inhabitants of your feet – and all of us humans get it during our lifetime.
You can bother and spend lots of money trying to solve that issue, when the true answer is the easiest way you can possibly imagine!
Smelly feet, as well as certain pain symptoms related to gout or other infection can be treated with a simple soak of the feet. This is quite a relaxing technique that will also help you with all sorts of other medical related issues with your feet. There is a single absolutely necessary ingredient in the foot soak – Epsom salt.
This famous substance is a compound of magnesium sulfate, which is very different fro table salt, which is rich in sodium. In the past , this compound has been used for treating different kinds of pain – internal and external, and today, it is mostly used in the cosmetic industry for making hot bath soaks. But, Epsom salt is also used in the pharma field, mostly for making exfoliating masks, as well as for treating fungal infections of all sorts. That’s why it is the absolutely perfect solution for your smelly feet – because that is a type of fungal infection!

Here’s how to make the easiest relaxing and healing soak for your feet:

  • fill in a deep bowl or your bath tub with some hot – but not boiling water – enough to just soak your feet
  • add half a cup of Epsom salt
  • immediately place your feet in the water – it is necessary for the water to be as warm as possible, for as long as possible. Keep them in until you feel the water completely cold.

Repeat this simple and relaxing procedure twice a week.  You will be able to SENSE the results in less than a month!

A final tip: make sure to ALWAYS USE MOISTURIZER after this kind of soak, since the Epsom salt has the tendency to dry out the skin, and you can additionally make your feet cracked and irritated.


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