Drink tea – even when it’s warm outside

No wonder tea is the Englishman’s gentleman and ladies of the aristocratic society habit. Tea is better than water, because it contains natural herbs who have benefits for certain organs and diseases.

Plus, most of them smell awesome!

Mint, chamomile, ginger, peach, strawberry, thyme, apple & cinnamon… Mmmmmmm!

You should always drink tea, not only in winter. Warm liquids are better for the metabolism and speed up the food processing inside the gut, and also, help with constipation and hard stool.

Here are some benefits of tea you might have forgotten about, since your childhood days and grandparent’s stories are far behind…

  1. Nettle tea is good for the gut and the liver, and also, helps against anemia and low blood pressure.                                               
  2. Mint, besides the absolutely awesome freshness, is also good for digestion and helps with abdominal pain. Next time you have cramps, instead of taking a pill, drink a glass of mint tea to ease the pain.
  3. Hibiscus tea helps against high blood pressure and cholesterol, and takes care of your cardiovascular system.               
  4. Green tea is the all-time famous slimming tea, right? This is due to the ability to make the liquids flush out of your organism. With this, it helps balancing the blood pressure and keeps the organism safe from strokes.
  5. Chamomile tea has a great taste, but it is also a cure for many eye problems, such as “pink eye” and stye.               
  6. Wild thyme tea is the ultimate tranquilizer so logically, it helps with insomnia and often waking up during the night. Also, because of the great smell, it naturally prevents bad breath in the morning!
  7. Parsley tea is great for many types of allergies, especially the ones connected with the respiratory system. Eating parsley helps in regulating the blood pressure, so logically, drinking parsley tea does the same, but it has another plus- the warm parsley water is the fastest fighter against plugged veins and cholesterol!






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