Colors and advertising – what each color makes you think about?

Words are not the only form of communication. But, words and human language seem to have distracted us and made us forgot that sounds, colors and surrounding, body language and eye contact also speak a lot, sometimes even more than what words can speak.

Colors and visualizations have a deeper root and that has been redeemed through psychological research and mind exercises. The following is also the bases of good marketing and advertising business.

Like, for example, how is it possible to trigger some of human’s most deepest desires, such as lust and hunger? Simply – by color!

Here’s what each color actually does deep down below the surface of our human nutshell…

  1. Black – is the color of security and emotional protection. Black is the darkest color in the specter- nothing can reach further and nothing can dis-balance or touch and hurt what this color protects. Pretty logical right? It is mostly used to advertise dominance and sexual overpowering.

            2. White – colorof v rginity, purity and innocence. Used for displaying eternity and mostly used in the ads about some cleaning products, mostly washing detergents.

3. Green – the color of nature and the color of life is mostly associated with good and positive energy and also has the ability to calm the eyes and reduce the eye pressure. Surprisingly, green is the color that also triggers hunger. No wonder the guys in Starbucks have green uniforms???

4. Pink – the “girly” color actually represents nurturing and caring. That’s why most of the girl products almost always contain pink on their label. But also, deep in the root of our primitive existence, mothers and women take care of the future generations, raising the strong men of the future, so that’s even the reason why men are attracted to women who wear pink clothes!


5. Orange – is the color of sport and exercise! Also, it is the most oftenly connected color to brain activity, mind games and creativity!


6. Blue – the sky color brings peace of mind and feeling of eternal comfort in our freedom. Being the color of peace and quiet, it is used mostly in libraries and study rooms, but also, in surgical rooms.


7. Red – the ultimate color of passion, power, energy and ongoing impulse. Used to draw attention – mostly in the signs on the streets, but also, in many commercials and energy drinks!




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