MUST food for your child and infant!

We all want the absolute best for our children. And the healthy childhood starts with a healthy dish.

However, it’s not everyday that you are able to cook healthy meals for your children and family.

But, if you want to make your kid eat healthy, don’t tell them that what you’re giving them is super fresh and healthy, because the children are oriented towards McDonald’s, sweets and other fast foods and interesting foods that can be bought in the supermarket.

Here are the absolutely necessary basic things your child should eat. Make sure his dish always has at least one of the following components.

  • Cereals – if you pick the right ones, they are actually the best thing to start the day, or to end the day with. But avoid picking up the ones with added sugars
  • Spinach- Popeye isn’t eating spinach for nothing! Spinach is one of the earliest foods you could even feed an infant baby with, which means it is absolutely easy for your child’s stomach, not to mention the great levels of iron this super food has, along with magnesium and vitamin K, which is extremely rare to find in plants. This combination is a boost for the bone structure, which is absolutely necessary for your child in development

  • Blueberries – the blueberries are an absolute MUST for your child’s healthy cardiovascular system and blood vessels.
  • Eggs – did you know that the egg is the biggest visible cell without the use of a microscope? That being said, the egg is a healthy protein boost, rich with this substance called choline, which actually boosts parts of the brain important for learning and memory. The part your child needs more in development, agree?


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