Calm yourself and stop sweating with this amazing natural cure!

What is Sage? You probably hear about Sage lately in cleansing techniques of the Yoga masters and Feng-Shui specialists. But Sage is a herb with many properties.

Yes, Sage is used for cleansing mostly because of the beneficiary calming nutrients it contains. Sage is a bushy plant with soft dark green with gray matte effect leaves, which belongs to the Salvia family. This whole family originates from the Latin word “salvare” which means salvation, rescuing. It is not a magical herb that will rescue you from any sort of troublesome situation – it is salvation from a disease, salvation that comes in the form of healing. Sage has been used for healing since ancient times, in the Roman Empire, in the times before Christ.

Nowadays, many pharmaceutical products contain Sage mostly for the calming effect, but Sage tea is still very popular, especially around Middle and Eastern Europe. Also, scientific studies have positively confirmed the effect Sage ether oil has on Salmonella and Escherichia Coli bacteria. The use of water mixture with 10% of Sage oil completely destroys these two bacteria inside the human organism.

Also, Sage is extremely important for the cosmetic industry, mostly because it has the ability to make the sweat glands to stop or decrease the production of sweat. That’s why Sage is basically the main ingredient in every deodorant and stick. But Sage is present in many shampoos and face tonic as well, for the calming effect it has on our skin.

Ether sage oil has no color or sometimes it is a yellow-green liquid with aromatic and bitter taste. It is used in production of mouth care products, deodorants, soaps, shampoos and face tonic.

And sage, along with peppermint, chamomile and lavender is at the very bases of phytotherapy as a natural healing therapy for certain diseases, mostly anxiety.







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