Being in love makes you fat!

Yep, you read it right. Being in a loving and deeply devoted relationship makes you gain weight. Now, even a scientific study has proved that.

The study was conducted in an Australian University, among 150 newlywed couples, which followed the relationship and their evolving for 5 continuous years. The subjects continuously and regularly gave interviews about nearly everything considering their wealth, emotions, psychological and physical characteristics and the study has found that what makes you fat in the relationship is what they have scientifically called “the mating market model”. 

This model talks about the bio-mechanic that comes involuntarily, subconscious for every human being – we tend to lose weight when we’re in an unsatisfying relationship, simply because we tend to look better for some future partner, because we realize that a future partner is coming up. The market is still not closed for you and your inner self knows that, making you eat less, and also, anxiety does its job as well.

While, at the same time, being in a happy and devoted, loving relationship, makes you lose weight, because you enjoy yourself and have appetite, and what’s most important – you know that you’re loved and you feel loved all the time!



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