Beautiful flowers you could also eat

I am a hopeless flower fanatic – bonsai, orchids, cacti and succulents – just name it!

But it was just recently I found out that you could use flowers in the kitchen as well! Not only for decorating cakes and sweets – but to add in recipes too!

The Chinese kitchen is so rich with herbs – and this is exactly where flowers have started being used in recipes thousands of years before. They can make your dish look really tempting to eat and interesting to look at, but they can also add certain extravagant flavors to the everyday dish you normally eat.

  1. Allium – every single part of this plant is edible – the leeks, the garlic chives and all the blossoms. It is a beautiful flower that also adds gamut or garlic taste to the meals, very alike the Italian cuisine.
  2. Arugula – the bitter peppery flavor arugula leaves have is contained in the edible flowers of this plant as well. Add them to salads or just freeze them in ice cubes for that extra bitter flavor in some cocktails.

3. Bee balm – this exotic looking flower is completely edible. Not only that, it has a great flavor we all enjoy – mint!

4. Calendula – this absolutely amazing flower stays in your vase freshly looking for quite a long time. However, tdid you know that you can also eat it? Add those gentle petal in salads instead of pepper, and surprise your guests with the amazing flower of the golden petals!


5. Carnations – this flower is famous for being the symbol of Woman’s day and also, the symbol of peace, because hippies used to put carnations inside the “living wall” of american soldiers, symbolically, to stop the shooting. But you can also eat this amazingly smelling flower – the petals have a very sweet and perfumed flavor!


6. Chrysanthemum – this alien looking flower astonishes all with it’s strange beauty and perfectly folded leaves that form a spiral. But did you know that it also has a variety of flavors? Peppery, pungent…pick a different colored chrysanthemum and explore the flavors!


7. Gladiolus – besides their fuzzy and colorful looks, the flowers of the gladiolus can also be found in handy around the kitchen. Normally, their petals make an astonishing plate detail for sweets, but have you ever heard about staffed gladiolus? Try them and be amazed!

The stuffed gladiolus with rice, cumin and eggplants are the all time favorite recipe for my taste!

If you have any more flower recipes you use in the kitchen, share them in the comments below.





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