Are you stuck with a “toxic partner”?

Love isn’t always fairy tales and rainbows. But, if you’re experiencing more difficult times than good times in your relationship, you might have to reconsider would you want to be unhappy for the most of the time, just for having few happy days here and there?

Is your partner an unbearable person? Is it becoming so difficult, almost impossible to reach an understanding with him, even for the most basic things? You might be stuck in the so called “toxic relationship” – and is bad for your overall health and your happiness!

Here are the most common signs:

  1. Insults – it is normal for insults to be present in a long term relationship, because the personal space is vast. However, if the insults have become so often, and also, in front of other people – you should not let that happen. In the end, your tolerance sets your boundaries and if you tolerate too much – you’re teaching your partner that they could act as whatever they want, irregardless the situation or fault.                                                               
  2. Trust issues – is your partner constantly checking your phone, searching for the slightest reason to start an argue? Is he doubtful about your friends and your whereabouts? If you haven’t given them any reason to suspect or to treat you like that – you should either have “the talk” or end the unbearable jealous relationship, because it would only become worse!                                                                                                                                                       
  3. Being open and sincere becomes difficult – remember how you used to share everything and you could say whatever was on your mind? Mess around and joke on each others tab? Now, it seems like all the jokes are on you, and every joke you tell is an insult towards your partner… not to mention talking about personal plans and aspirations, without thinking about your partner’s feelings. If that’s the case – your partner is the one who’s being careless about your personal growth and feelings and you should not feel guilty for being the way you are. Simply – END IT!



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