Anyone can have shining skin, after this leaked out

Skin is the biggest organ in our body. And also – the one organ that gets hurt and damaged the most throughout our life. Bruises, little scratches, big wounds that need to be stitched and leave scars, burns and so much more. Daily temperatures, sun, frostings and ice, lack of water or too much humidity – everything has a different effect on our skin. But the most important thing is that – it has effect for sure.

None of us has the baby skin – most of us start having wrinkles before we even get in our 30’s, since the lifespan of people has decreased. Nobody is meant to live forever and look young forever. However, we all want to look as good as possible – for as long as we can!

Have you ever thought to look for the secret of soft baby glowing skin exactly where you’ve started – as a baby?

The first thing a baby gets as food supplement, besides breast milk and adapted milk, is vitamins A and D, and then – carrot juice!

Here’s the most simple recipe for the astonishing face-glowing natural mask.

Peel off few carrots and make juice from them. In the clear carrot juice add few drops of lemon, and some honey and milk, just enough to make a paste looking liquid. Don’t make much, because it has best effects when it is used fresh. Apply the mask and massage it gently rubbing it into your face. let it stay for 30 minutes to an hour before rinsing it with cold water.

Vitamin A has proven to be of help with blackheads and dark spotted skin issues, so if you have any problem with the skin on your face – my recommendation is to use this mask instead of those expensive and unhealthy products full with chemicals we don’t even know what they are or what they can cause!

Always trust nature better than a pharmacy!


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