Always avoid these artificial additives!

If only apples and oranges came in a box – you would convince yourself that even “fresh fruits” have additives inside them!

In the world we live in, it is definitely very hard to find something originally originated just from one source – like, the egg from the chicken, a seed from the ground etc. Why? Because humans have genetically modified every single aspect of their existence – in the urge of ultimate control and planning for their future lifetime.

I am not saying that everything humans add in the food has to be bad – but on the other side, most of them are!

Me myself, I have this habit to read every single label tag of the products I choose to buy – also, because I DON’T want to read each product in the supermarket – I usually stick to the products I’ve already used and checked previously, and only in lack of those I choose to buy some other product.

In today’s article I present to you a list of the most toxic artificial add-ons in your food today…

Paraben – is a very “tipsy” ingredient because it prevents mold and yeast forming inside the foods – keeping them fresh and preserved for quite longer than usual. But, on the other hand, paraben can seriously disrupt the endocrine system and is mostly linked to breast cancer.

Sodium nitrate – is an ingredient EVERY SINGLE PIECE of processed meat contains, but is very bad for the human endocrine system as well and is mostly linked with gut cancer.

Brominated vegetable oil – is used in soft drinks, but bromate is actually a laboratory poison and it is proven to cause serious birth defects. However, the FDA didn’t choose to write this on the food label…

Propyl gallate – this additive is mostly found in frozen dishes and microwave popcorn, and in some countries it is banned – but the FDA also approved the usage of this toxic additive in the USA.

Bleached starch – is found in 90% of all the diary products – only the level varies from product and from factory to factory. This artificial sweetener is proven to cause skin irritations and asthma, and has shown some pretty serious alergic reactions.

Guar gum – is a substance used for thickening and binding mixtures, which can seriously damage your bowel and cause bloating and diarrhea, but also constipation.



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