Add a few years in your life – kiss your partner more often!

Kissing is a pleasant activity that releases dopamine and serotonin – the hormones of happiness and satisfaction.

There is nothing like a kiss on the forehead of your most dear -your child, but science has proven that french kissing your partner has some other more beneficial influences on your overall health. It is an activity that is definitely prolonging your regular lifespan!

  1. Kissing makes you look younger – how? Well, according to science, french passionate kissing activates around 23-34 facial muscles and an additional 112 postural muscles.  No other activity nor the most expensive facial treatment can help you smooth wrinkles and slow the process of aging such as kissing.                                                       
  2. Prevent lung disease – how? Normally, a person inhales about 20-25 times per minute. When we kiss passionately, this increases to amazing 60 times per minute! This is a great cardio workout without using the muscles you regularly use for a cardio workout!
  3. Reduce the blood pressure – love hits you in the heart, but kissing is scientifically proven to be great for the heart! How? Getting more oxygen also regulates and improves your blood circulation, thus, your cholesterol levels become reduced and the chances of getting a serious heart disease definitely are reducing!                                           
  4. Share some good bacteria – french kissing is definitely a way to get some bacteria and saliva from your partner inside your mouth and your body. But, this is actually healthy. Why? Well, the process of vaccination is actually getting infected with a very small dose of the bacteria you’re getting vaccinated against, so that your body manages to get immune and fight this type of disease in the future. That being said – kissing is a non official vaccination process – and it doesn’t hurt!


    5. Protect your teeth health – kissing prevents getting caries and it will save you some serious money, since dentist services cost like crazy, not to mention they most usually hurt! The extra saliva that is being produced while kissing flushes away bacteria and neutralizes stomach acids as well!






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