According to your face shape – this is your haircut (Men’s 2020 edition)

By the age of 30, we try sooo many different hairstyles and even colors! They all come and go, according to our inner feelings and emotions, and also, according to our profession at the moment. You can’t wear dreadlocks and be a lawyer, right?

And though man don’t want to discuss or overburden themselves and their friends with the way they look, still, looks, clothes and haircuts do really matter to the modern men.

According to the latest fashion styles and also, the shape of your face, here’s what kind of haircut you should to for this 2020 year.

  1. Square-shaped face

Those with strong jaws should wear a faux hawk haircut this year. Or maybe, if you want to have a longer hair, just slick back one side part of your hair. Colin Farrell really looks good with this haircut!

2. Triangle – shaped face

If you have a narrow forehead combined with a wide jawline, you belong in this category. And for this year, swept bangs or middle length fringe brought up is the right style for you. With a single haircut you could achieve both – either wear those bangs down or put them up with some hair gel and a comb, to add volume and texture.

3. Oval – shaped face

This shape of the face is very symmetrical, so you could play with a lot of hairstyles. Basically, all of the previously mentioned would suit you, but for the season, it’s recommended to wear an undercut with some fuzzy looking bangs you could take up with some hair gel.

An extra tip: mustache look great on an oval face, because it is longer and you actually have “room” for this amazing accessorie.

4. Diamond – shaped face

This is a very rare shape and its characterized with the face being larger in the center, with narrow chain and forehead.  A quiff haircut, or a long hair slicked back with some hair gel would soften the angles and suit very well on this type of face.


5. Rectangular – shaped face

This is actually a combination of the oval and squared shaped face – it is lon, with a strong and width jawline. For this season, a simple buzz-cut should suit you pretty well if you have this shape of face.



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