According to a study, this is the time to vaccuum

Do you belong among the non-stop cleaners or are you simply lazy and postpone cleaning the house as much as you can?

One University in Australia has conducted a research among the population to find out how regularly they do the chores around the house and based on that, has made lists that show exactly when you should dust, mop the floors or vacuum.

According to the study, here’s the EVERYDAY LIST OF CHORES:

  • clean the bathroom and kitchen surfaces
  • make the bed
  • do the dishes
  • sanitize the surfaces
  • take out the trash

Here is the WEEKLY LIST:

  • sweeping and vacuuming floors (could also be done twice a week)
  • vacuuming sofa
  • wiping window and mirror surfaces
  • changing and washing the sheets and pillow cases
  • cleaning the bathroom and kitchen tiles
  • thorough cleaning of the kitchenware
  • mopping the floors
  • cleaning all the cleaning towels immediately after using
  • thorough clean the baseboards with a wet towel

And finally, here’s the MONTHLY LIST:

  • wash the furniture that is compatible to wash
  • polish the wooden floors and furniture
  • thorough clean the trash cans
  • descale the kettles and coffee machines
  • clean the dishwasher
  • wash the duvets
  • dust and clean your light fixtures

This list is determined only for the household, leaving the basement, garage and yard to be organized according to your free time and needs.

Do you agree with the above lists? How often do you do the chores in your household?


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