A secret breathing technique for a good digestion

You know how they say – nature has all the secrets and cures for all our diseases and pain.

But would you ever think that you can make the pain and awkward body feelings, such as bloating and bad digestion, burps, go away in a minute?

According to the Ayurveda, there is a simple breathing technique trick that helps digestion.

In today’s world, seems like we’re always in such a hurry, and we literally don’t have time to take a breath. When that is actually what you need for a better digestion and also, preventing overeating and gaining weight. We should be focused on one thing only when we are doing it, to do it right. That goes for our food as well. But almost everyone eats and watches TV, or some YouTube videos, or write e-mails, or talks…. that is the first and greatest mistake when it comes to eating! We should be mindful and focused on our feeding ritual, so we hear the inner signal which tells us we should stop eating.

Also, according to the profound ancient knowledge of the Ayurvedic medicine, the body has many energetic channels, out of which for the benefit of today’s topic, we will only mention the sun channel and the moon channel. They are directly connected to our brain and are divided:

  • sun channel runs through the right side of the body, and is responsible for activity, digestion and temperature in our body
  • moon channel runs through the left side of the body, and is responsible for rest

That brings us to the next point of how the breathing can help digestion. Our nose has two nostril, and though you think you are breathing evenly through both of them all the time – you’re very wrong. One nostril always does more of the breathing, and they change all of the time, on each 4th hour. So, for better digestion it is best to eat when your sun channel is open, or, when your right nostril does the bigger work in the breathing process.

You only need to cal your thoughts, breathe easily and figure out which nostril is dominant at the moment. You will also train your mind and your hunger with this technique, and I’m 90% sure you will also use a few pounds!





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