A routine to avoid dry hands

The skin on our hands is the most affected part of the skin on our body, along with the face. But, the skin on the hands has a tendency to get rough and dry, because the hands are used for 99% of the things we do in our everyday life – writing, taking the bus, talking on your phone, texting, washing the dishes, picking up your kid….

You need to take care of these precious instruments to serve you well for a long, long time!

And, to be honest, reaching out a hand is a friendly gesture, but would you want your friends to remember you by your rough touch?

  1. After every hand wash, especially the one where you use chemical products, such as soap or dish washing substances, make sure you apply some cream or moisturizer on your hands. Especially on the surface of your palms – they suffer the most.

2.  Exfoliate your hands – yes, even your hands need exfoliation, because, as we said, besides the face, they’re the most exposed skin on our body. The process of exfoliation boosts and speeds up the skin renewal.

3. Try oil soaks – for extremely dry hands, we suggest trying soaking your hands (and cracked feet, as well) in a mixture of warm water and some aromatic oil. Do this treatment after a bath, when your skin pores are really opened up, so that your skin sucks in all the mosture.

4. If nothing works, from time to time, try using intensive overnight treatments. These usually acquire putting on cotton gloves before going to bed, right after you moisturized or soaked your hands. The cotton gloves keep the misture in and none of the moisture goes to vain!









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