A list of thing you should no longer buy

Ina consumeristic and advertisement – based society like the one we live in today, I often get to ask myself about the value and the necessity of certain products that are offered on the market. And also, about certain products I have at home and just don’t know whether I should throw them away or pile them up with the excuse I will use them eventually…one day.

  1. A tuxedo – has a laughable high price, and you’ll wear it maybe twice before it doesn’t fit you anymore. These, and gala dresses are better of to be rented, instead of specially made or bought, and than, sentenced to the back of your closet for lifetime
  2. GPS navigator – why would you spend an extra 100 bucks for a gadget you already have on your cellphone                         
  3. A watch – also, another gadget on your cellphone. And, to be honest, watches can certainly reach enormous prices. I’ve caught myself looking the time on my phone, while wearing a watch on my wrist – is super crazy!                                               
  4. Landline – I will not even discuss this…                                                                                                                                                                   
  5. Fancy bath products – let’s be real, how often do you use that exfoliating scrub, or that sweet foam? Not as often as you use a shampoo and a shower gel… Mostly those are the products that just hang in there, and eventually get out of date and end up in the garbage…
  6. Wipe warmers – are among the “musts for your baby”. You can do this without any need of gadgets, just with your two bare hands!                                                                                                                                                                                                blank
  7. Baby monitor – like you’re really not going to hear those decibels of your sweet loved one – you’re probably going to be there every time your baby wakes up, and those baby monitors can cost some serious money                              blank
  8. Special gadgets for just one thing to do in the kitchen – oh, this is a huge section, especially in the china plastic shops. These stuff make so much mess in the kitchen – when you’re cooking, you only need a few different good sharp knifes and good cooking set!                                                                                                                                                                    blank

I bet every single one of use has something to add on this list, that could keep going on and on…

Tel, us in the comments below and see which one is the most hilarious and pointless!





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