This is not something you should be sorry for

If you care too much about what other people would say about you and your lifestyle – you will never achieve happiness. That’s why ill talks and gossip should not reach your heart nor the choices that you make.

However, if your partner, a close friend or a family member says or bothers you with something from the following list – you will definitely feel bad and awkward. However – you should not feel like you’re wrong and apologize. Here’s why:

  1. Your relationship status – this is one of the worse topics on family gatherings, especially if you’re single, devoted to your work and live alone. Society has a lot of norms regarding what’s normal and what’s not, but marital status is probably the biggest unresolved issue – being single is totally against the social standards. People will find a way to make you feel like there’s something wrong with you for being like that – you shouldn’t feel that way nor apologize to your friends you can’t do date nights because you’re single!                                                           
  2. Being gay – another awkward topic to talk about with most of the family members is your sexual orientation. Though numerous support movements have appeared all over the States, nothing is relevant when it comes to discussing this with your family – they still make it look like you should explain your choices and apologizing for coming solo or bringing your “friend” to your family gatherings and events. Cut the case! Say that either they will accept it or you won’t bother to come anymore.
  3. Other people’s expectations from you– finishing school, getting a good job, liking that present they bough you, devoting to your family and ditching work…name it! There are numerous expectations many people in our lives have from us – and if we bother living up to all of them – we would totally lose ourselves and our path in life. You should definitely not apologize for other people’s expectations from you – they can’t see the reality and that’s not your problem at all!                                                                                                                                                                 
  4. Not knowing something – “Oh my god, how haven’t you heard about this author, it’s a classic”! “I like science fiction literature, it’s not my thing”…. end of conversation                                                                                                  blank
  5. Telling the truth – in a world full of lies, commercials and fake beauty photos, telling the truth should be considered a virtue, not a thing to be apologized for. Tell them that the next time someone complains about your truthful constatation.

Sometimes, apologizing just to keep the peace, is going to be on your cost and happiness.


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