Why you will have a shorter leg in your lifetime

Every single person on this planet is born with unequal proportions – face, hands, eyes, eyebrows, teeth, and even legs. Everything that comes in pair on our bodies, and inside as well (lungs, kidneys, brain hemispheres) isn’t even and equal down to the milimeter. That’s what makes us unique.

But, did you know that 98% of all people on Earth are born with uneven legs? Eventually, with regular food, vitamins, suplements and exercises, and mostly, when babies begin to stand and start walking on their own, this begins to be either invisible, or the legs even up, due to the balance in pressure the body tends to maintain.

However, over your lifetime, you can go back to a situation where one of your legs becomes shorter than the other. This phenomena in the medical literature is known as Leg Length Discrepancy. The causes for this state vary. Here are some of the most common:

  • Bone leg injury – not even your doctor knows how your bone will grow – especially if it is broken in many locations, not just one. However, everyone has a different metabolism and regeneration capacity, so it is highly possible that during the healing process, the bone grows extremely large.
  • Overusing the limbs – due to sports, arms and legs are being excessively used, which further creates additional pressure on the limbs. This happens due to an uneven ballance of the two sides of the body, such as swinging with a baseball bat, using the dominant hand in tennis and so on                                                                                                   
  • Falling down – general and sudden incidents, falls, crushes and minor yet sudden accidents which occur mostly on the leg bones, especially when people are at their fragile age of 2-3 years, when their balance is still poor, can result in hurt bone growth plates.
  • A bad posture – an uneven posture can only visuelly make your leg look shorter, but doesn’t actually make permanent injuries and shortening of your bones. Exercise, training and not wearing heals all the time can bring your natural body balance back





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