5 minute peach booty workout

The summer is coming, and whether you are planning a vacation or not – those short pants simply HAVE to be worn! Especially with hot temperatuers as this summer is expected to be. And let’s be real – durin the winter we all gain a few pounds and skip our regular workouts. That has an influence in our booty muscless – the less we move, the flatter the booty!

Here are the most effective exercises to achieve that perfect, so called “peachy booty” in just a month. But – don’t skip a day! Because, muscles have a memory, so each exercise and each day you do them – it become their routine and eventually, they would “learn it by heart” and they would stay in the position without you exercising them, telling them what to do!


Start off with stretching your body good, and stand in this position, 1 minute per each leg. If you are not able to go a whole minute through, divide them into two series of 30 seconds.


While you are in the same position, start stretching your inner thighs muscles as shown on the picture. Each leg for 1 minute.


The third exercise is very similar to the first, with the difference that you are extending your leg up and back, and putting it inside on the knee again, but you’re doing this constantly switching the legs, not holding each leg in the air. Do this for 1 minute.



Now, let’s stand up, because your knees probably started hurting you from all the weight you’ve put on them with the last 3 exercises. For starters, if you’re very rusty, it is enough to only lift the metal rod for a minute, but make sure to stay a second in the squat position. Do it for a minute, and eventually, start adding weight. For this exercise, you don’t need massive weight – up to 10 kg most! (this goes for both men and female)



In the end, finish up the workout routine stretching your legs as shown in the pictures, to add more tension before you finish for the day.

This routine is imagined for beginners and experienced people, who do more exercises and tend to the gym more often. The only difference is in the time length of each exercise. However, you should NOT do each exercise under a minute, since your effort would be for vain!











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