21st century love facts

Every day, every month, every year – we learn something new. And also the science and the world. Those are just facts that we humans inhibit and begun to work as certain principles, patterns, rules or facts, that are than being scientifically approved and historically true.

Love, observed from the field of psychology or medicine, or maybe even sociology, is just another scientific field of patterns developed among human beings.

And here are the newest facts about love in the meaning of relationship.

  1. The first kiss really is a big deal – based on the results of a study by the University of Oxford, the first kiss is actually an evaluation of the suitability of the partners – since many information are contained in the saliva and our minds subconsciously calculates the future possibilities and outcomes between the ones who are kissing.                                                                                                                                                                                                               
  2. Similar face gestures and manifestations are developed among the couples who live together for more than 20 years – if you think about it, it is a very logical thing. Since the moment we are born, we’re imitating our environment – thus, we develop habits as our family and parents. It is very normal for couples to develop similar patterns and face gestures after a long time of living together. Even more, the study has found that happily married or happy couples who live together for a long time even develop facial resemblance.                               
  3. A partner with a higher IQ is less likely to cheat in the relationship – since they can accurately calculate exactly what they have to lose and how badly they’re going to be struggling after one meaningless mistake.
  4. The time of the first sexual intercourse is meaningful for the relationship social pattern – a study has found out that people who have had their first sexual intercourse at more mature age, after 18 years, are more dependable, trustworthy and emotionally stable. Thus, being with that kind of a partner allegedly guarantees a more stable and bonding relationship.
  5. Watching romantic movies together really helps prolonging the relationship and passion among the partners – since a romantic movie often reveals the difficulties and struggles of each character in the movie, it is more likely to start discussing similar subjects and reach a higher intellectual understanding among two partners, instead of the plain physical and task-related relationship we inhibit to have over the years.







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