Get rid of kidney stones with this super simple DIY remedy

Kidney stones are an unwanted phenomena that can occur in both men and female, and in very different ages – from teenage to old age, from various reasons. The real problem is that it is always followed by immense unbearable pain in the stomach area – that is usually the alarm when you go to check at the doctor’s office and get scheduled for an ultrasound of your internal organs and find out you have kidney stones.
There are various treatments, but food, alcohol, fried food and hot food restriction is a MUST.
To get back on the track and continue living normally, here is the absolutely best home made recipe to get rid of the kidney stones and improve your kidney and bladder health, thus, preventing this unwanted phenomena to occur again.                                                                                    

Pomegranates Treatment

Pomegranates are a super fruit that improves the blood picture. But, pomegranate has the ability to help with the health of the kidneys, as well as eliminating the kidney stones through the bladder canals.

You will need to put 4 tablespoons of cleaned out pomegranates in a liter of boiling water – while the water is still boiling. Turn the heat off, but leave the pot on the oven, covered up, for at least 10 hours, so the pomegranates let out the nutrients in the water. After this 10 hours, add 4 tablespoons of pure organic honey (mountain honey if possible) and one squeezed lemon. Drink a cup of this mixture three times a day, preferably before each meal.






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